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Midmark has brought together the best features and most proven technologies to deliver one complete air  Compressor and Vacuum product offering, satisfying the high standards demanded by today’s dental professionals. From the Wet-Ring Vacuums and Lubricated Air Compressors of the Classic Series to the Oil-Less Water Saving Dry Vacuums and Oil-Less Air Compressors of the Power Series.
The Midmark PowerVac® is the first dry vacuum to combine the dental professional’s most desired features into one flexible, maintenance-free, performance-driven system. The PowerVac creates a new standard for dental dry vacuums:
Unrivaled power and performance – up to 18”Hg
    Zero maintenance – oil-less and water-less
    Quiet operation
    Upgradable flexibility
The Midmark ClassicSeries® Wet-Ring Vacuums bring together the 
highest standard of quality and most proven technology.
High output, proven performance
Exclusive internal water recycling – uses over 60% less water than standard wet-rings
Durable aluminum bronze construction and a stainless steel motor shaft

ClassicSeries Wet Ring Vacuum
The PowerMax is designed to satisfy the high-vacuum requirements of most surgical procedures. The heavy-duty vacuum switch allows adjustments for between 10 – 21" Hg pulling power. The PowerMax is a dry vacuum producer with self-lubricating, rotary vane pumps to ensure long life. An optional exhaust manifold is available for clinics using a scavenging system
Adjustable pulling power from 10" to 21" Hg
    Easy maintenance for years of reliable service
    Reliable rotary vane pumps require no lubrication
    Optional exhaust manifold available for clinics using a scavenging system
    *Optional low-voltage control relay for remote operation
Surgical Vacuum
Eco-Vac Dry Vacuum
Our EcoVac system provides thea dvantages of proven technology,durable construction, quiet operationand oil-free performance with thelatest in water- and energy-savingfeatures. This is not only importantto you as an environmentallyresponsible business owner, italso prepares your practiceforthe upcoming change to meteredwater usage in many areas of the country. 

We utilize a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control thevacuum levels. With no suction being used, the motor isrunning one third the speed and using very little power.Every time a suction hose is being used the motorautomaticallyspeeds up to maintain constant suction.Maintenance free unit with no traps to clean, no oil tocheck or change. Truly a ZERO maintenance machine.

Introducing the next generation in dental vacuum technology – the PowerVac® G. The NEW Midmark PowerVac® G uses an intelligent energy management system that creates a new standard for all dental vacuums by offering:

    * Efficient energy control – uses up to 83% less electricity than competitive systems
    * Significant heat reduction – reduces heat emissions by up to 30%
    * Whisper quiet operation – as low as 48 dBA
    * Consistent performance – up to 18"Hg
    * Upgradable flexibility – can accomodate 1 – 20 users
    * Unmatched product warranty – 5 year/10,000 hour full product; 10 year/20,000 hour pump warranty
PowerVac® G Dryvac