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Eco-Vac Dry Vacuum

Our EcoVac system provides the advantages of proven technology, durable construction, quiet operation and oil-free performance with the latest in water and energy-saving features. This is not only important to you as an environmentally responsible business owner, it also prepares your practice for the upcoming change to metered water usage in many areas of the country.

We utilize a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control the vacuum levels. With no suction being used, the motor is running one third the speed and using very little power. Every time a suction hose is being used the motor automatically speeds up to maintain constant suction. Maintenance free unit with no traps to clean, no oil to check or change. Truly a ZERO maintenance machine.
PowerVac® G Dry-Vacuums

The next generation in dental vacuum technology – PowerVac® G. The intelligent dry vacuum, Midmark PowerVac® G uses an intuitive energy management system that creates a new standard for all dental vacuums by offering:

  Efficient energy control – uses up to 83% less electricity than competitive systems
  Significant heat reduction – reduces heat emissions by up to 30%
  Whisper quiet operation – as low as 48 dBA
  Consistent performance – up to 18" Hg
  Upgradable flexibility – can accommodate 1–20 users
  Unmatched, product warranty – 5 year/10,000 hour full product; 10 year/20,000 hour pump warranty

PowerVac® Dry-Vacuums

The Midmark PowerVac is the first dry vacuum to combine the dental professional’s most desired features into one flexible, maintenance-free, performance-driven system. The PowerVac creates a new standard for dental dry vacuums:

  Unrivaled power and performance – up to 18”Hg
  Zero maintenance – oil-less and water-less
  Quiet operation
  Upgradable flexibility
  Unmatched 5 year total system warranty; 10 year pump warranty